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    our healing broth

    We believe in nature as a healer. We use powerful ingredients and methodical recipes that have stood the test of time, so you can pause, sip and experience instant comfort, while supporting long-term health. Our broths are formulated to intentionally provide the essential nutrients you need to fully live a modern, more holistic lifestyle. Always organic, with the right balance of ingredients and made with tender, loving care. Broth as intended to be.

    “Omega 6:3 balanced Bone Broth is a simple + crucial step for athletes at every stage to optimize sport + fitness performance + recovery.  The amino acids in our bone broth help re-build muscle + connective tissue.”

    ~ Annie Parks


    Founder, Annie Parks

    The Balanced Bee Broth Restorative displays founder Annie Parks’ active approach to lifelong balance + well-being. Her liquid food medicine approach is based on a system of modern-day healing rituals, guidelines, and food protocols, specifically designed by an Athlete for Athletes. 

    “Participating in Division 1 athletics was life-changing.  Personally, I didn’t have time to dedicate towards my nutrition.  I relied heavily on trainers, coaches, other athletes, and my own general knowledge to sustain my nutritional needs.  I struggled with an internal injury to my digestive system that I hid pretty well, and I refused to share that weakness with any of my Gold Medal Olympic Coaches or teammates competing for our scholarship spots. In 2004, when I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with my degree in Kinesiology, I felt so infatuated with learning more about the human body and “food as medicine”.  I set out to design bone broth as it should be for athletes to perform +restore, with quality liquid ingredients in mind. Somewhere along the way, the stars aligned with former Olympic Runner + Chef Michael Stember. We shared 1 common goal: bone broth for athletes…everywhere. I am grateful to now share these high-performance broths with athletes everywhere.” 

    ~ Annie

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