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our healing broth

We believe in nature as a healer. We use powerful ingredients and methodical recipes that have stood the test of time, so you can pause, sip and experience instant comfort, while supporting long-term health. Our broths are formulated to intentionally provide the essential nutrients you need to fully live a modern, more holistic lifestyle. Always organic, with the right balance of ingredients and made with tender, loving care. Broth as intended to be.

 “The health of myself and my daughter is my top priority every single day.  (Put your oxygen mask on before you can help others, right?) Balance is key, so I love to incorporate bone broth into her routine and even pack it for lunch.  She loves the warmth and comfort of knowing Mom is by her side, and I take comfort knowing she is fueling her gut and brain with quality nutriton!”

~ Annie Parks, Founder


Founder, Annie Parks

The Balanced Bee Broth Restorative displays founder Annie Parks’ active approach to lifelong balance + well-being. Her liquid food medicine approach is based on a system of modern-day healing rituals, guidelines, and food protocols, specifically designed by a busy business leader + mother,  for those also on-the-go. 

“Being a Mom is so hard. Literally, The hardest. Thing. I. Have. Ever. Done. But I am here for all stages and ages and I rely on our bone broths to keep myself and my little ones GUT balanced and deeply nourished.  I earned a degree in Kinesiology and Integrative Nutrition, but have 10+ years experience as a sleep deprived, business woman and single Mom on the go. I have worked tirelessly, just like you out there searching to create a simple quality offering to nourish your family (without the guilt). My goal is to serve  up balance, nutrition and convenience in liquid form so that when us busy bees have no time and energy and are running on very little sleep, we can all still have and provide a nourishing solution, bone broth.”

~ Annie

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