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Bee-come a Partner

Bee-come a licensee

We are excited to extend our licensing option, which is an ideal fit for individuals looking to independently operate and invest in the rapidly growing demand for optimal health.


Our brand aligns best with leaders serious about changing others’ lives through food. Food is a powerful + healing tool, and we have a responsibility to care for our bodies. Bring joy into your marketplace with a well-established brand.


Thank you for your interest in The Balanced Bee brand. We are actively involved with every licensing partnership, taking a roll in all aspects of each relationship, including creative, operations, financial and marketing deliverables. Responsibilities include collaboration for the qualified partner in the following areas, among others:

  • product development
  • team on-site training
  • site selection
  • development and design
  • recipe formulation
  • brand development
  • marketing strategies
  • operational plans
  • onsite support both pre and post launch
  • incubation at TBB IL headquarters

CONTACT US + please allow 48 hours for our team to BEE in touch.

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Bee-come a cleanse consultant

We are excited to share our Cleanse Consultant Journey in support of the growing demand for certified health coaches supporting others through food as thy medicine.


  • You have your health coaching certification, now what?
  • You hold a degree in Kinesiology or Food Sciences and find yourself always doing side health-based hustles for others!
  • You are a busy chef and want to introduce medicinally crafted broths to your customer’s pallets! *ideal for experts currently working with clients through personalized cleansing/detoxing


  • Helping lead others into optimal health is a long + often times complex journey when navigating to the ROOT cause of symptoms.  About 70-80% of our immune system activity resides in the digestive tract, affecting nearly every bodily function. “Healthy” or “Healing” still means “modern-day diets of all ages need to incorporate bone broth to help support a balanced microbiome!”-Annie

So why else?

  • looking to add more value + tangible items to your current business/brand services
  • incorporating bone broth into a cleanse, designed for food as thy medicine
  • aligning your business or brand with a well-established product

What’s in it for you? What is what they are getting? What is the benefit?

  • Education from a hands-on expert
  • bone broth expert support for your clients
  • personalized plan suggestions for those working 1:1 to help others navigate their health + healing journey utilizing bone broth and/or raw juice
  • recipes


BEE-coming a Cleanse Consultant is as easy as 1, 2, BEE! CONTACT US + please allow 48 hours for our team to BEE in touch.

Learn more about The Balanced Bee.

Bee-come a distributor

Thank you for your interest to help distribute the GOOD BUZZ ONLY!  We can’t wait for our paths to cross! Becoming a distributor of our Bone Broths and/or Bee Essentials product lines are a great choice if you are looking to:

  • offer optimal health choices to your customers
  • take a consultative one-on-one approach in your sales approach into educating others through their wellness, healing, + performance journey
  • satisfy a rapidly growing demand for Food As Thy Medicine products
  • Our brand + products align best with retailers in boutique settings who are highly motivated to educate and introduce quality ingredients into their retail setting.

CONTACT US + please allow 48 hours for our team to BEE in touch.

Learn more about The Balanced Bee.

Bee-come a medical partner

Is your current medical practice converging between the world of medicine + modern day alternative healing solutions? We are currently helping the following practitioners bridge the gap between preventative medicine and healing foods through our bone broth offerings:

  • Functional Medicine, Holistic Healing, Integrative Nutrition, Naturopathy,
  • Specialized Medical PractitionerMedical Spas

We want to help you bring the GOOD BUZZ ONLY to your patients + practice; however, we know your time is limited! We realize you are BUSY BEES and playing your part in optimizing others health, so we have created a sample script for you to use when helping your clients balance medicine + food as thy medicine!

CONTACT US to request a sample script + please allow 48 hours for our team to BEE in touch.

Learn more about The Balanced Bee.

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