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To PROCEED is to continue on

To PROCEED is to continue on

Being stuck in a routine that negatively affects mental and physical well-being is
debilitating, but anyone with a bad habit knows how difficult it can be to kick. You know
that a healthy mind and healthy body are crucial to success in your life, but making
healthy lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming. You’re not alone. We are ALL busy
bee’s just trying to find the time and energy to make positive life-enhancing changes.
Here at The Balanced Bee, our mantra is “pause. sip. proceed.” It’s a crucial time of
reflecting and making conscious efforts to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. It’s a
simple place to bee-gin.

You might find yourself inundated with thoughts, choices, and fears. Pause. The
Balanced Bee wants you to start by taking a break to contemplate. Just let your mind
consider and acknowledge the stressors and feelings that you’re having.

Then make a healthy choice. Sip. This can be 5 minutes of meditating, writing down
your thoughts, going for a run, reading a book or literally sipping on a juice. Nourish
yourself, breathe deeply and relieve yourself of pressure, guilt, anxiety or stress.

Now Proceed. You have the power to create a new story based on what you have
learned from pausing and sipping. This is how we at The Balanced Bee define the
gratifying process of proceeding. Eventually all of your “pauses and sips” will lead you in
an onward and upward direction on the path to success and you will break free from the
unhealthy routines. Bee kind to yourself and nurture your growth with patience and
humility. You CAN take that brave step towards a new and better self, however small
that step may be.

With love,


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