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    A Juice & Broth Restorative

    The Balanced Bee Juice & Broth Restorative displays founder, Annie Parks’ active approach to lifelong balance + well-being. Learn to optimize the benefits of raw juice + mineral-dense bone broth through our menu. This is liquid food medicine, shared in a modern, convenient and healthy environment.


    Founder, Annie Parks

    leads an actively balanced lifestyle. Holding a degree in Kinesiology from the University of New Hampshire, Annie complimented her degree with a certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, where she enjoyed learning over 100 different dietary theories! Annie hasn't stopped educating herself and is currently studying Ayurveda + Culinary Health + Healing!

    “I’d love to meet with each and every single customer, as helping people step into their health or enjoying their first juice or bone broth is where my happiness truly exists.  I love working at our retail locations as I watch people discover the many ways in which a “liquid lifestyle” may restore daily life balance. I’ve always believed that proper nutrition provides a gateway to communicate better with yourself so that you may BEE BALANCED. BEE HAPPY. BEE YOU.  I am excited to share this belief with as many people as I can!   You are on a path that you won’t want to ignore moving forward.” ~ Annie

    Annie spent 11 years traveling around the country working in the wellness industry, still juicing and brothing on the side.  After about 10 years of incorporating raw juice + bone broth elixirs into her regimen, Annie noticed she had healed her lifelong struggle with IBS + minimized hormonal imbalances.

    In 2014 the overall vision for The Balanced Bee Juice + Broth Restorative was brought to life, and about a year later The Balanced Bee Brand was established.  Annie decided to launch her first Juice & Broth Restorative in Peoria, IL where she lives with her daughter, Whitney! 

    We are in the heart of an environment that is fit for balancing both the PLANT and ANIMAL KINGDOMS.

    From the start, Annie wanted The Balanced Bee to be the type of place for everyone to enjoy focusing on being balanced, being happy and being themselves. A place where people could turn to whether they were sick, hungover, mentally drained, working out, or just looking to give their digestive systems a break.  A 100% organic wellness destination for the community.

    Annie continues to thoughtfully evolve The Balanced Bee brand with her passion for curating spaces + partnerships that embody the brand, and customizing menus leveraging her education in Kinesiology, Ayurveda, and Culinary Health + Healing.

    The Story of The Bee

    Sep - 2017

    TBB launches at 3 Caterpillar Locations!

    Annie’s personal goal of providing JUICE + BROTH TO CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT ACCOMPLISHED!

    May - 2017
    TBB’s Healthy Snack Product Line is launched!

    TBB’s Healthy Snack Product Line is launched!

    In an effort to utilize all of our resources TBB’s Guilt-Free Brownies are born! These will be first of a growing line of healthy snacks and products offered at The Bee.

    Feb - 2017
    Infrared Sauna Opening

    Infrared Sauna Opening

    After careful consideration and Annie continued commitment to health and wellness, Annie decides to add an Infrared Sauna to The Balanced Bee’s Metro Center Location.

    Oct - 2016
    First retail store opens!

    First retail store opens!

    The first retail store opens with a heavy focus on people, execution, natural growth, and system development. Around the same time The Balanced Bee gets invited to participate at The Refine Woman Magazine Pop-Up event in NYC and Shred 415 Chicago pop-up.

    Aug - 2015
    The Balanced Bee brand is established

    The Balanced Bee brand is established

    In 2014 the overall vision for The Balanced Bee Juice + Broth Restorative was brought to life, and about a year later after working with a few magical people who believed in Annie’s vision, The Balanced Bee brand was established!

    Apr - 2012

    Annie gets certified as a Health Coach

    Awake to the healing potential of food, in 2012 Annie decided to start sharing her Juice + Broth Restoratives with others, designing custom cleanses for family and friends.  She enhanced her passion for food as fuel and became certified as an Integrative Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to help support her passion for helping others heal through food as thy medicine!

    May - 2004

    Annie graduates from the University of New Hampshire with her degree in Kinesiology

    After graduating with her degree in Kinesiology from the University of New Hampshire in 2004, and 12 years of experience as a dedicated athlete, Annie was determined to find nutritionally dense food options.  Something to help her sustain and transition away from her career as a Division 1 athlete. Something to help her finally heal a (secret) lifelong struggle with her large intestine. Something to naturally help elevate her mood + boost performance. Something she could rely on as she evolved through modern-day life.  Annie researched the benefits of and played around with making bone broths and raw juices immediately after graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 2004 with her degree in Kinesiology.