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Why Consume
Bone Broth?

  • Real liquid collagen (aka. bone broth) is the key to healthy skin
  • Anti Aging 
  • Refreshed skin
  • Reduce wrinkles, better complexion, restore collagen depletion 

Nutrient Dense,
Mineral Packed

Broth that enhances
your natural beauty

Let's support your internal beauty, order today!

I might be your biggest fan to date of the delicious Lemon Leek Broth! I enjoy a warmed cup of it every evening before bed. Besides the fantastic healing benefits it provides, the aroma and smooth savory taste is soothing. Now that being said one of my other favorites (and I have many!) in my Balanced Bee daily routine is to begin the day with a ‘What’s up G?’ Shot... a great energy booster and refreshing taste.

Molly Miller

The 100% Organic bone broth from The Balanced Bee is unlike anything you will ever find in any grocery store, anywhere! The broth is chef prepared and focuses on a balance in Omega 6 and 3’s, which Annie taught me is vital to my health. The taste and aroma are super flavorful and extremely fulfilling. I know that the quality-sourced ingredients used are so good for my entire body..... my organs, recovery from sickness or injury, my skin and my overall health and well being. I was even able to give up my morning addiction to coffee and replaced it with this amazing broth which gives me a boost of energy, health, and satisfaction each and every day!

Mark B Petersen Peoria IL

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