You are all you need.  Enjoy your body, the greatest instrument you will ever own.

Re-set yourself free.  Lean on BEE. Evolve.


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    Infrared Sauna Thera-BEE

    Infrared Sauna

    We bee-lieve in a good, healthy sweat to balance your body. Our full-spectrum infrared sauna, followed by a restorative juice or broth is designed as preventative care of your body, bee-uty, and brain!


    30 MIN | $30

    1 Person Express

    a warming + healing experience

    60 MIN | $55

    1 Person Full

    Take your detox to the next level, relieving your system of toxins, igniting your happy chemicals, + healing through heavy sweat chromolight therapy!

    30 MIN | $55

     2 Person Express

    need a quick catch up with a friend or loved one?

    60 MIN | $100

     2 Person Full

    Invest in yourself + a friend to connect through sweat + music. A healthy HOT BOX FULL OF JOY!!!