You are all you need.  Enjoy your body, the greatest instrument you will ever own.

Re-set yourself free.  Lean on BEE. Evolve.


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Bee-cause Knowledge is Power


``Proper nutrition provides a gateway to communicate better with yourself so that you may BEE BALANCED. BEE HAPPY. BEE YOU.” -Annie

You already know, You are what you eat.

Our Bone Broths

Benefits of our Bone Broth are abundant, not mythical. Bone Broth is a restorative powerhouse, but it must be made with quality ingredients + tender, loving-care.

BEE-yond Organic

zero glycemic
nutrient dense + restorative
Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids balanced broth ingredients

Tax Deductible; BEE-cause financial health is wealth.

Founder, Annie Parks designs products with the intention that healing your mind, body, and whole BEE-ing is optimal for balance.

Our customers come to our retail shops to help prescribe them and their loved ones liquid nutrition regimens that will help alleviate a specific medical condition or to proactively treat health. We are excited to help educate our customers across the country about how our medicinal broth can BEE used.

Has your Doctor prescribed you a LIQUID DIET prior-to or post-surgery and/or to help alleviate a specific medical condition?  

Tax Court has allowed the extra cost of special foods (a.k.a. our Medicinal Bone Broth) over the cost of a normal diet, when prescribed by a doctor to alleviate a specific medical condition.  You may qualify for a tax-deduction at the end of the year if purchasing our broth to help alleviate a specific medical condition! You know your body and your whole BEE-ing BALANCED best, so we suggest you ask your tax professional if you qualify! 

Our bone broths are designed with Food as Medicine and Performance Recovery in mind.  HELP US to let your doctor know about our medicinal, tax-deductible broth products!

About Our Restorative Broths

Omega 6:3 Balanced Ingredients

What does this mean? We focus intentionally on designing broths where we can pay tribute and utilize ingredients where Omega 6:3 ratios are properly balanced, so that you may BEE BALANCED. BEE HAPPY. BEE YOU.

Research shows humans evolved consuming a diet that contained about equal amounts of Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids. In today’s modern times, there has been an enormous increase in the Omega 6 fatty acids due to the products we have most access to at a cost-effective rate (aka, heavily processed foods). Studies indicate increased risk for disease with an imbalance in diet, specifically essential fatty acid ratios. Today, in Western diets, the ratio of n-6 to n-3 fatty acids ranges from approximately 20-30:1 instead of the traditional suggested range of 1-2:1.

Bulk Bone Broth

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Bee Prepared

152oz oz of Medicinal Broths


Bee Speedy

112oz oz of Medicinal Broths


Bee Well

40oz oz of Medicinal Broths


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