You are all you need.  Enjoy your body, the greatest instrument you will ever own.

Re-set yourself free.  Lean on BEE. Evolve.


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    Restorative Health

    Founder, Annie Parks enjoys working together with you to create a movement toward bringing you back into alignment with your natural rhythms.

    During this 90 minute virtual or in-person session, Annie works to evaluate your overall health using her background in Kinesiology, Integrative Nutrition, Athletics, + Culinary Health + Healing. After your consultation, Annie will design an individualized lifestyle path based on your goals and any imbalances that are discovered in your initial session.

    A system of modern-day healing rituals, guidelines, and food protocols are specifically designed for you to BEE BALANCED. BEE HAPPY. BEE YOU.

    The Health Consultation can be purchased for $150. Annie also offers other supportive services for all ages, including:

    Culinary Kitchen Demonstrations

    Youth + Sports Nutrition Lifestyle


    Athletes + Personal Nutrition

    Corporate Health Partnerships

    Please inquire via text to 309.427.0833 for pricing + better personalization.

    take charge of your health journey with the help of a passionate expert!

    We will keep your personalized journey relevant, with modern-day healing rituals + guidelines

    Annie loves culinary demonstrations, where we create an intimate bond between you and your kitchen!

    Work with a certified Nutrition Trainer + let the healing BEE-gin!