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    our cleanses

    In our 1-day, 3-day & 5-day Restorative Cleanses, you will BEE introduced to our Juice & Broth protocols. 

    The 3 and 5 day personalized health journeys begin with a complimentary 15-minute introductory conversation (text or phone call) with our certified cleanse expert.  Annie will review the differences between our 3-day and 5-day plans so that collectively the right path is chosen for you. Once you book your spot, Annie will BEE in touch via text with a 2-minute health consultation to design a personalized juice & broth restorative for you based on any dietary restrictions +/or wellness goals you have! 

    1-Day Routine Maintenance

    (you BEE the leader. no reservation necessary. BUZZ by anytime.)

    Perfect for those looking for an immediate boost of live nutrients + enzymes.

    Select any: 5 juices and 1 broth 
    3-Day BEE Rejuvenated

    (let us lead. custom blended raw juices + broths, guided by a Certified Cleanse Expert)

    Practice 3-day cleansing with the guidance of a certified professional. This partnership creates the perfect combination for kickstarting optimal health. We will help to gently educate you about our cleanse, answer any questions and discover any dietary restrictions you might have, helping you to achieve a more balanced emotional + physical state of well-being!

    Offered every week, Annie designs an assortment of raw organic, custom-blended juices and our bone broths +/or veggie broth to give your digestive system a rest! You will receive 6 liquids per day to consume!

    *ideal for an intentional digestive system rest, pre or post-surgery prep, and kickstarting a path into taking charge of your personal health.

    Liquid only juices and broth 
    15-minute consultation 
    5-Day Focused + Independent

    (let us lead. certified cleanse expert + chef-inspired juice, broth, + light meal restoratives)


    Perfect for those awake to the restorative benefits of raw juice + broth and looking to further inspire a powerful healing lifestyle.

    Our 5-day chef-inspired lifestyle routine will prepare your body + mind to clean on a cellular level, get into fat-burning mode, and restore in a safe way with the help of Certified Culinary Health + Healing expert + Plant-Based Chef, Annie Parks.

    Offered 1x per month, Annie works to design a menu of customized freshly prepared raw juices + broths, functional plant-based snacks, blended performance purees, and soups, and 1 balancing Ayurvedic meal designed to help support your system re-align with itself.  This could include salads and freshly prepared meals to re-heat. You also receive a FREE 30-minute Infrared Sauna Session!

    *ideal for healthy lifestyle support + inspiration, inspiring healthy holidays, and overall balance + healing.  Your health is in your hands. 

    Every day they get 1 celery juice, between 1-2 snacks, 3-4 juices, 1 blended soup, 1 broth
    Day 1 and day 5 they get a meal that helps them transition away from foods and a meal to transition back to foods
    Bee tea where needed 

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    Our Juice + Broth Restoratives are a modern approach to personal + preventative health care.

    our healing juice + broth products allow your body + brain a much-needed break. This creates space for healing to take place + new life to BEE brought in.

    Annie enjoys working with clients in her Nutrition Practice, which goes BEE-yond our Juice & Broth Restoratives.  Annie’s extensive education in Kinesiology, Integrative Nutrition, Ayurveda, + Culinary Health + Healing is applied as necessary for clients.


    At The Balanced Bee Juice & Broth Restorative, we take great pride in helping our guests have the most revitalizing recovery possible. Whether you’re recovering from cosmetic care, orthopedic, or any other type of procedure, Founder, Annie Parks is dedicated to providing you with the best postoperative care nutrition possible.

    When you undergo surgery, you are putting your body under a significant amount of stress. Eating poorly before surgery can worsen inflammation, decrease collagen systems (needed for scar and skin formation), slow down your body’s immune activity, and decrease connective tissue strength.

    Raw Organic Cold-Pressed Juices + Mineral Dense Bone Broths are a wonderful option for healing.


    In Ayurveda, cleansing is seen as a gentle return to balance. We believe in bio-individuality; where no one diet or regimen works for everyone all of the time.  Annie suggests working 1 on 1 with her if you wish for a deeper practice + path into healing your body through proper food protocols + lifestyle shifts.  Annie has designed these suggested Juice & Broth protocols to practice FOOD AS MEDICINE: 

    1-day: for routine maintenance and small digestive breaks (weekly or monthly)

    3-day: for a gentle re-boot + digestif healer (weekly or monthly or for SURGERY Prep/Recovery)

    5-day: for lifestyle (monthly for a healthful influence as a lifestyle, or 4 times per year, or specific for Surgery Prep/Recovery)


    Founder, Annie Parks

    The Balanced Bee Broth Restorative displays founder Annie Parks’ active approach to lifelong balance + well-being. Her liquid food medicine approach is based on a system of modern-day healing rituals, guidelines, and food protocols, designed with the notion that Western Medicine and Ayurveda can come together to provide the most optimum wellness for our loved ones.

    • B.A. Kinesiology from the University of New Hampshire
    • Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NYC
    • Post-Baccalaureate Degree in Culinary Health and Healing from the University of Maryland Integrative Health
    • M.S. Human Clinical Nutrition + Integrative Health from the University of Maryland Integrative Health
    Notable Speaking Engagements
    • The Refined Woman (NYC) on Juice + Broth for Female Health, 2016
    • Louisville Slugger Sports Complex (Peoria, IL) on Juice + Broth for Athlete Performance + Recovery, 2016-2020
    • Maui Jim (Peoria, IL) on Juice + Broth 101, 2017
    • Shred 415 (Chicago, IL) on Juice + Broth Post-Workout, 2017
    • Illinois Cancer Center (Peoria, IL) on Benefits of Juicing in Recovery, 2018
    • Caterpillar (5 Peoria area Corporate locations) on Juice + Broth 101, 2018-2020
    • JuiceCon (Los Angeles, CA) on Structuring Nutritive Cleanses, 2018 and 2022
    • Nike HQ (Portland, OR) on Building Corporate Health Initiatives, 2021 and 2022
    • AMITA Health (Chicago, IL) on Re-structuring on site coffee bar into Juice + Wellness space for hospital patients, 2022

    In addition to managing daily operations at her retail location in Peoria, IL and Nationwide broth distribution, Annie actively hosts Lunch and Learns throughout the country in doctors offices, dental surgery offices, Zoom calls, hospitals, athletic performance centers, retail wellness